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Jesse Feyereisen

Name: Jesse Feyereisen


Instagram: jessefeyereisen


Country: USA


Camera: Canon EOS-R


About the photo: For this shot I grabbed a Master Chief figure and headed to the park. Propped him up in the sand of a volleyball court, with my camera a little ways away. I stood behind the figure and repeatedly kicked sand at Master Chief, while remotely triggering my camera from my phone. Kept on kicking, shooting, and checking my shots until I had one that I liked.

In some of my photography, I love to blend real world, in-camera elements with digital effects and this is a perfect example of that. In this case I used Boris FX Optics to enhance my practical, on site “explosion”, with some additional digital fire and explosion bits, composited it all together in Photoshop, then finished off in Lightroom with some color grading and final crop. I’m really happy with how it turned out and has grown to be one of my personal favorites!

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